Friday, December 23, 2016

Celebrate the spirit of the season

Holiday greetings

For you all supporters in life, connected this or other way,
this is your Christmas card from us Ota & Luc & drLojz!
Wish you all the best and stay connected with the soul and globe!
Happy new year 2017

Touch and go

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Micro Dlg sailplane


Micro RC fly machine, made for indoor fly, this time used on the hang!

Successful and powerful afternoon action in the air!

600mm wing span 28g Spektrum micro receiver 1S lipoly

And the new 1K also, no wind just termic on the slope!

Fly slow & safe

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Good-bye full moon december 2016

Month after super moon, time to wake up early or go sleep late,
as you wish! Here they are our beautiful mountains in early sun
with the full moon! I am happy for you all who was able to enjoy
the look, for rest of lazy spectators, here they are!

No howling wolves this time in the region, 
looking forward into 2017 to hear them again!

touch and go

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wood energetic pyramid

just finished, three new wood pyramids for my friend Janez!
He is working a lot on the space/earth energy level electronic! The pyramid is a passive element, which through its shape, structure and crystal pulling yourself DOR (Deadly Orgon - negative energy), negative earth radiation and implement transformation in the POR (Positive Orgon - positive energy). Base with built in flower of life, which is the highest form of life, and sacred geometry boosted the process of transformation and distribution of beneficial energy in space. See on Google for Orgonite pyramid!
By focusing on the pyramid and use intentions it further increases the power and utility value. It works on a very subtle level, it helps in improving concentration, easing stress ....
Pyramid, which has been developed recently but is slightly different, no longer just a passive element in space for rent in a spiral wrapped electromagnetic waves of invading space and from space ousting and transform all negative. The effects are similar to orgonite pyramid but are stronger and more efficient. I was take care for wood structure and the transparent end on top! In this transparent plastic, which is injected we put the real silver abstract flower of life shape! Under nit will come the LED light! The prototypes we make looks wonderful and with electronic power from Janez are awesome!

I was use the proven geometry from the recorder stand for mrs. Bajt,

No doubt it will work energetically too!


Moth is going to winter sleep

the Moth is going to sleep! For couple of months into the cocoon like all butterflies ;-)
Take a rest my friend!

And in spring back to the wind, warter, fun!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

It is this time of the year

Christmas lights On in Town

See the full gallery in
G+ Photos


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back to the routes

It was idea, vision and try! The rest of the steps just follow!
The small DLG glider, 1m wing span, for flying on the backyard!
The steps done, Cad drawings of the new body, 3D printed prototype, reinforced
with some CFK roving /it works/! The wings out of Moth foil mold!
tails from 2mm balsa, boom CFK ravings on the conical pool!
The fist K1 glider fly well, so we decided with friends to make real one!
Not dedicated for some DLG competitions, more on the friends/fly/fun side!

Sandwich wings, styrodur core, vacuum bagging

Look of the K1 #1

New CAD body

And the video of one of the first trows!

Stay tuned, its fly ;-)

Not the last one, I was working in past monts on the "big" drone in size of
3,7m, the construction in full CFK, weight of the constr only 6kg, the full fly
weight 25kg! The whole project is under NDA, so I can not share more precise 
info online! The representative of DADA agency will understand ;-)

touch and go