Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bled castle 11th Medieval days

We was invited to the Medieval days at Bled castle with Trebuche, two days
of back in time! Lucian was made this Trebuche two years ago and it is
the biggest one in region around! 6m arm, 
with counter weight of 180kg, 100m trowing distance!
The real medieval weapon, for today also!

Luc at smith workshop heping to make the original tightening pins for hand wood working.

 From ruff piece of the bench...Luc & Ota presenting at the show the
old technique of hand wood working!

The bench almost ready

Some work suggestions from old man, lets experiences go the the young power!

Ota's friend Janjina as Castle lady of the best

The show was great, two days of action in medieval times!
We enjoy the groups shows, music performances, dancers!
More info
See you in Radovlica Medieval days in august, trebuchet will be there, ready to fire!

For transport of Trebuchet we use the Carservice, we found this as the easyway
to handle with almost 500kg of wood and accessories!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Moth Euro Cup 2017 Portoroz

Moth Euro Cup 2017 on Saturday, the view of regatta from Jury boat, I was not on my Moth for this year! Next time for sure! Official report from JK Pirat

Full gallery

Go on the water, hunt the wind, fly over, foiling is future!

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Chamonix last days of April 2017

The place where I live and Herve place,
just on the opposite side of the Alps
Life and eternity, so far and so close!
Chamonix was wake up on Friday in white,
ten centimeters of snow in the wally, so
cool for Herve last farewell! Crowd of friends,
coworkers, family, supporters and Alpine
mountains legends, come to say goodby
to this strong man! In silence with the snow flakes,
everybody and everyone was touched his way!
Later on the day, Herve send us blue sky and
white mountains, as he know the best!
Meet Maneint family. Katie, Artur, Loui,

friend Philou and almost whole Scott team, 
priceless, without words!

On Saturday Chamonix was as beautiful as can be!
best of the best, from top to down! With Philou
and Ota, we enjoy the Mont Blanc massive, glaciers,
blue sky, top of the Aiguille du midi!

Full album here

 Aiguille du midi of the best Saturday morning!

 Happy Ota :-)

 Philou and Ota discuss Mont Blanc

Monday, April 24, 2017

The best chocolate event in Slovenia 2017

The Chocolate festival in town, for 6th times in a row!
Complete report from Adele on the blog

I was invited as vintage photographer to mark the event,
as I know how, from different angle! With the Chocolate frame, this time!
Crowd of happy people, chocolate everywhere, three days of action, love in the air!
Many thanks to Polona and Katja for the help and good vibrations!

The official Festival page
The three days gallery

Let's do people happy!

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RIP Herve

Dear Friends,
Over the weekend  I get the information we loose our friend
Herve Maneint last Friday,  So sad and I loose all my words to say!
Living in Chamonix, Herve live his dream, he was the legend and
Herve will remain the Legend of the mountain and the sport!
The real mountain lion from Chamonix and the Alps!
I was working with him for almost 20 years,
sharing the passion of the wintersport
and Scott products connected to this! The loose is big.

My deepest sadness and compassion to his wife and the sons!

Rest in piece Herve
Eternity is so close, crape diem! Live the life fully!

One of the last expeditions in the mountain....

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Jetpack Challenge 2017

last year the Jetpack project was covered from my side

Urban Jet skiing of the best!
For 2017 nobody can stop Filip Flisar to be in time at Lunch!

Thru the city back home!
Full video to see here..........strap on please! Filip is incredible!

As Filip says:
Skiing fast with a jetpack in an open field is one thing, blasting across asphalt, granite steps and icy concrete in the middle of the main square proved to be a totally different story

The back pack get some modifications, for better force angle, safety issues etc!
The Jet tubine survive all the speed, some crash tests, only below zerro temperatures
was a bit problematic to start the engine! All in all two days in Maribor with RedBull team and Flisar,
again unforgettable!

Enjoy the life

Carnival in Towvn 2017

the Carnival time is over! Lets celebrate with some Photos!
As for many years in a rove I use the Vintage camera, covering my
lovely Pentax!
The task was to frame the best of Carnival in Town! Thanks to my light assistant Katie
with frame we do the work, with a lot of fun!

 Katie at work, dream team anyway! Vintage assistant style!

 The the show of the best!

Who else then Pipi longstocking

Young Cleopatra!
Picture in picture, frame in frame!

Welcome Harry!

The full galleries
Carnival photos best of

Carnival photos rest

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